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Event Stewards
Protectorate SPC Ltd recognises that the roles of Events Stewards and Security must be treated separately.

Stewards are called upon to monitor the crowd movement, assist in crowd management (particularly with reference to emergency evacuation), and give public information.
Our more experienced stewards may be deployed in specific crowd management roles, if required, giving added peace of mind to organisers.

Security may be recognised by various qualifications; however this is not the case with stewards. Although stewarding may be considered lower risk than security, the role is just as essential to the smooth running of an event. 
It is very important that stewards are trained properly. In house training is given to all stewards, followed by on-site briefings at each event.  

Protectorate SPC Ltd stewards are reputedly enthusiastic, polite, professional and competent and all trained by Protectorate SPC Ltd. 

As the public face of any event, these are the required skills

From: £10.50ph